Fees for non-NHS services provided by Jubilee Street Practice Updated September 2022

Although majority of the NHS services in a GP practice are free of charge, there are times when we have to charge the patient or their representative for a private service that is not covered by the NHS. These private services include things like medical reports for insurance companies, private letters and forms which require the GP to review the patient records and fill in the form or letter, some vaccinations and more. The reason we charge for these private services is due to the time and resources it takes the admin / clinical team to do this work which the NHS will not pay us for.

Please allow at least 5 working days to complete your request, sometimes this can take a little longer. A private letter or report is not classed as an urgent matter and may not be completed sooner than this time.

Patients can obtain access, give access to and print their medical records via online access for example using the NHS App for free of charge. In some cases a brief summary may suffice and this can be obtained by the patient from reception.

Our prices are in line with the British Medical Association (BMA) guidance, additionally our prices are competitive if not lower in some cases than other GP practices in the local area.

To request any of the non-NHS services we provide, please complete the form below. After for submission someone from the practice will contact you before sending you a payment request link. No payment will be taken from this website.

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