Accessing care for young people aged 13-16 year olds

Are you aged 13 years or older and have your own mobile number? Check with reception to make sure we have an up-to-date mobile number for you.

At Jubilee Street Practice, we want to take good care of you and your child. Sometimes, young people between 13 and 16 years old like to come to the doctor with their family. We think that’s great! But sometimes, young people need to talk to an adult they trust without their family knowing. We understand that this might worry some parents, but it’s important to know that we are here to help young people and keep their conversations private.

When young people turn 13, they can access their own healthcare records using the NHS app.

We have summarised below the key  points from relevant articles from the National General Medical Council about young people’s rights in the NHS so you can better understand what they can and can’t do. The full article can be accessed by visiting GMC's website

Article 15

We can see children and young people by themselves if they want to. It's important that they know they can come to us for help. We don't want to give them the idea that they can't come to us without a parent, so we'll make sure our reception staff and everyone else knows that too.

Article 42

It's important to keep patient information private, whether they are children, young people, or adults. If patients don't trust that we will keep their information private, they might not come to us for help or they might not tell us everything we need to know to take care of them properly.

We only share patient information without their permission in very rare cases. Patients have the right to know if their information is going to be shared.

Articles 53 and 54

If young people have the ability to understand things and make their own decisions, they have the right to see their own medical records. They can also decide if they want their parents to see their records or not.

Parents can only see their child's medical records if the child agrees or if the child is not able to make their own decisions and it is in their best interest. If the records have information that the young person told us in private, we usually can't tell anyone else without their permission.

Online care records access

We follow best practices by allowing parental access to online care records only with the consent of the young person. Access will be removed for those aged between 11-16 years old, unless there are concerns about their capacity.

Additional resources
Below are links to additional resources with more information on young people's rights and health support in Tower Hamlets.

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