The Wellbeing Walks were successful in boosting lockdown life and was great to see people having the opportunity to meet new people and be together again”.

Wellbeing Walks, Male (40)

I enjoyed the Women’s Keep Fit sessions taught by Elizabeth and would like to come back as it helped improve my health”.

Women’s Keep Fit, Female (52)

“I enjoyed the group therapy, as I liked socialising with people and hearing about their way of coping with their problems”.

Group Therapy, Female (66)

“I have incorporated what I have learned from the group therapies into my day-to-day life. I am so grateful for my therapist. I would like to use this service again with the same staff”.

Group Therapy, Female (62)

“I am incredibly grateful for all the interventions created by Jubilee Street Practice. By attending these sessions, I have improved both my physical and mental health”.

Pain Therapy, Female (60) 

“Very helpful interventions. I wish more people knew about the services provided, as I know many people could benefit from these programmes”.

Pain Therapy, Male (55)

“Learning exercises, meeting people, and learning more about how to endure my pain is what I look forward to every pain management session”.

Pain Therapy, Male (71)

“I could leave all the stress outside the hub and enjoy the time during the session”.

The Social Hub, Female (52)

Knowing that the service is there for me to use and can support my wellbeing, has proved beneficial for me”.

Coffee Morning, Female (58)