If you are applying for benefits or PIP, a letter from the GP is not useful evidence as part of the initial claim. Benefits are based on your daily living – what are you able or not able to do? You can see the full criteria here: PIP – table of activities, descriptors and points (citizensadvice.org.uk)

If you want to provide evidence of your medical conditions with your initial claim we can provide this for you free of charge. However evidence is not needed, simply informing them of the issues and how they impact your daily living is enough at this stage as the DWP will contact us following the initial claim for confirmation.

If your application is rejected, you can appeal and we can write a letter for you at this stage when it will actually be taken into account by the DWP. If you want as strong a medical report from us as possible, you can submit some information via the following link and selecting admin help: https://jubileestreetpractice.webgp.com/ with your conditions which you think affect your life and how they affect you day to day.

We recommend getting support from Citizens Advice Bureau or Carers UK on making your claim as they will help you.

We can also refer you to our benefits advisor who will be able to support you with your application or appeal process, this is by appointment only, so please contact reception for more information.