Get U Better

GetUBetter has been approved by the NHS to manage non-specific lower back pain. Please use the FREE getUBetter app designed and written by your local clinicians in North East London - TNW. It offers local? tips, advice, and exercises tailored to you and your stage of recovery.


Asthma and Lung UK

Support, advice and information for people suffering with Asthma and other lung issues.

Asthma and Lung UK - Air pollution

Find out about the types of air pollution you might find in your home. They also have advice on how to manage allergies caused by indoor pollution at home.

Rehab Me - Bones, joints and muscles

Online / App to help empower and motivate patients to better self-manage their condition and recovery.

Diabetes UK

A national charity organisation focused on diabetes. It provides information, resources, and support related to diabetes management and prevention. Users can access guidance on living with diabetes, research updates, and ways to get involved with the charity's activities.

0345 123 2399

NE London Community Care

For patients experiencing recently occurring medical eye conditions. The service is provided by accredited optometrists, based in selected practices locally.

Minor Eye Conditions


Why self care is important

Dr Rima Vaid, GP and Newham Clinical Director, NHS North East London ICB explains the importance of self-care in terms of prevention and managing health conditions. Self-care includes managing your sleep, diet, exercise and mental well-being.

Click here to watch a video by Dr Vaid explaining the importance of self care


Versus Arthritus

 charity organization in the UK dedicated to supporting people with arthritis. It offers information and resources about arthritis, including symptoms, treatments, and lifestyle advice.
0800 520 0520